May. 9th, 2009

First Post

May. 9th, 2009 07:16 pm
xenolith: (Rabbit)
I just got this bitch today, so things will undoubtedly be quiet for a while. Here is an intro to any future people I may (or may not :_;) meet.

I am Xenolith, formerly known as pct-rabbit. The PCT stood for Public Choice Theory, which is a political framework that attempts to explain individuals as 'utility maximizers' who do damn near everything under the sun for their own interests. Even things like volunteer work could be explained as people trying to build and maintain their self-esteem, with some people having higher requirements than others. By no means is this the be all end all, and I like to think that human behavior is more complex at times, but it does provide a nice, clean lens to look at individuals through. So while interesting, it shouldn't be taken *too* seriously.

Xenolith is the latin word for stranger, which I chose like the way it sounds? BUT JUST PRETEND THERE IS A DEEPER MEANING.

This journal will have a few things in it (eventually). It will have fanfiction or fiction work, or comments on the work of others. It will have occasional ramblings on current events, be they in the news or in my life. It will also have random stuff, like my love for voice actress Laura Bailey or how I fucking hate stripped shirts and popped collars.

So yeah. Hey?


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