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"Reads more like a con-shit-tution"

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Name:Suredeath Hellman
Location:Winnipeg, Canada
I am Xenolith, an inexperienced fanfiction writer who is also interested in politics and shit.

Interests (135):

"i'm not racist but...", "i'm not trying to be an asshole but...", "just think it's interesting...", a song of ice and fire, add me, adell/rozalin, anime, animu and mango, apollo justice, arcana, ash/cynthia, ash/may, balthier/ashe, black god, bondage, canada, card games, chie/yukiko, chrono cross, chrono trigger, cloud/tifa, coffee, computers, concrit, cosplay?!, critique, cross edge, crossovers, daikinbakuju, davis/kari, davis/mimi, dawn/zoey, deadman wonderland, deathnote, deep plots, digimon, discussion, disgaea, do as i say not as i do, dogs, dr.mcninja, dreamwidth, epic quotes, epics, fall, fanfiction, fei/elly, fiction, final fantasy, fitness, full metal alchemist, gen, het, inappropriate remarks, ino/sakura, jiu jutsu, jonlajoie, kingdom hearts, laura bailey, legend of dragoon, liking too many pairings, locke/celes, loling at newspaper letters, loling at rant comms, lostonezero, lulz, manga, manitoba, may/dawn, merinthos, metal gear solid, michelle ruff, minato/aigis, minato/elizabeth, minato/yukari, moderate conservatism, music, my chester dog, naruto, naruto/hanabi, naruto/ino, naruto/konan, naruto/shizune, nintendo ds, odin sphere, one-sided pairings, over 9000, penny arcade, persona 3, persona 4, phoenix wright, playstation, pokemon, poker, politics, public choice theory, raspberyl/asuka/kyoko, reading, rpg maker, running, school, secret crushes, shouting "persona!", social psychology, sora/larxene, sora/namine, souji/chie, souji/yukiko, spending too much money, spring, squall/selphie, starbucks, suikoden, summer, tea, the world ends with you, threesomes, triangles, ufc undisputed, valkyria chronicles, valkyrie profile, video games, walking, walking dogs, washroom philosophers, weight lifting, welkin/alisha, wheel of time, winnipeg, writing, xenogears, yaoi, yu-gi-oh abridged, yuffie/shelke, yuri
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