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I recently had the misfortune of reading recent wank from the fanficrants and ffrantsrants communities over on livejournal. For this, I blame myself, since I tell myself not to go there and yet do so out of some sort of "train wreck" reasoning.

While a little dated now, what I'd found was butthurt over the subject of giving warnings for "triggering content" in fics. Basically, warn for every possible thing that will happen in your fanfic that might upset a reader (in addition to the other things many on fanfic rants would have people warn for). The result would be a summary something like this:

Naruto, and his trials and tribulations as he navigates a post-apocalyptic world. Warning: character death, physical violence, non-consensual sexual advances, scene with prostitution, (insert a few others here). Naruto and (x) pairing.

And under the assumption that you don't have everything completely mapped out beforehand, I'd assume one would have to modify their summary as time goes to include new events. Of course, someone might not read the revised summary every time, so one would have to add warnings to each individual chapter about what follows later.

This entire debate makes me think of a kind of fanfic elitest group that comes from a world where fanfiction isn't as simple as "someone writes, someone reads, and maybe a review happens". Ignore that this subject matter can appear in everyday life, either in the conversations of passing people or when you read/listen to the news or go see a movie. No, you need an extensive list of warnings--it is a duty owed in fanfiction, and why doesn't published original fiction do the same?!

It seems like since this debate erupted, people have actually been using the term "triggering content" much more frequently too, perhaps out of fear as being labeled a monster by those who have labeled the realm of fanfiction as both extremely complex and multifaceted, and just plain srs business.

The most I'd ever put as a warning on something I wrote would be 'dark fic' coupled with an M rating. Does this make me terrible? Many would give a hardy yes, but considering the kind of reasoning that is the norm on communities like that, I'm not especially concerned.




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Does anyone know anyone who wants an invite code for Dreamwidth? I've got a few kicking around that I haven't used.
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Hello to my (currently small) f-list. Apologies for not being around to comment on other posts as often as I'd like. It has been a pretty busy month. What have I been doing?

-Trying to get back into my usual workout routine. A few different circumstances have made it a bit difficult, but I'm almost back on track I think. Today I did about 3.8 miles in 30 minutes, which is pretty good. I'm still pretty low on the weight lifting, but I guess I need to give it time.

-Trying to complete items on my list. Some may recall the earlier post where I talked about this. It's a little over 150 items now, and some of them will take some time. I've managed to cross a few off my list, though they were pretty minor ones. It's a work in progress.

-Working on RPG Maker! That's right, I'm back into this bitch. I found a nice cache of resources from a Japanese site. They have matching battlecharsets, character sets and face sets, which is pure win. I'll post some screens once I am further in to making it.

-Reading. Not as much fiction/fanfiction as I'd like, most of it has been textbooks and the like. I found some good ones on Social Psychology, Business/Government Relations, and Public Policy in Canada. It cost a good chunk of money (well...good for a high schooler), but I'd say it was well worth it.

-Playing FF7 which I downloaded of the PS3 Network!

Beyond that, it's mostly been other things...visiting family, hanging out with friends, finishing up this year before summer. Etc.

There are some things I'd like to do more of though:

-Make better use of Dreamwidth! I need to start writing fanfic, contributing to fandoms, commenting on other people's posts moar, and so on.

-Go for more outdoor runs.

-Start learning to cook, damn it! I was on my own for a few days a while back and had a hell of a time making anything that didn't involve a microwave or boiling a pot of water T_T

-Cut down on coffee more. I've been trying to go to one cup a day, but I need the stuff like I need air to breathe. It's...so hard.

Anyways, that is the month of June in review. I hope everyone else has been enjoying their month.
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I recently made a giant list of things I'd like to accomplish. I kind of did it with the Playstation 3's "trophy list" in mind. I don't know why, but each title has "The" in it. Here are some examples:

The Marathon (Run the full marathon)
The Resolute (Sit through question period in Ottawa)
The Well Traveled (Visit every province in Canada)
The Ninja (Obtain a black belt in Jiu Jutsu)
The Flash (Run a mile in five minutes or less)
The Bilingual (Learn a second language)

Etc etc. Some are somewhat profound and/or difficult, others may seem a bit silly.  I have 133 on the list, I kid you not. I'm really going to try to do them all. It'll take a few years for some of them, but damn it, I will!
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  • Valkyria Chronicles is a sweet game, as is Cross Edge.
  • As if the opposition is trying to blame the Finance Minister for this insane deficit. They were the ones that basically put a gun to the Prime Minister's head and told him to spend like there was no tommorow.
  • I definitely have a crush on EB games girl (but I still love Laura Bailey and Michelle Ruff)
  • Holy shit, there is actually going to be an anime convention here! I've never done cosplay before, but...maybe this is my chance.
  • I've come to realize that when someone puts up their hand in class and says "I just think it's interesting..." (or some variation with that word), what follows will not only *not* be interesting, it will be a waste of time. It's more like "Hey everyone, listen to how smart I am!"
  • Also: cocks.
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Alright, I'm done. Too much awful shit has happened, and this latest happening is the straw that broke the camel's back. I don't think I want to touch it with fanfiction anymore either. Bleach is heading that way too, which is troubling because Naruto/Bleach used to be my two biggest fandoms and favorite manga.


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May. 9th, 2009 07:16 pm
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I just got this bitch today, so things will undoubtedly be quiet for a while. Here is an intro to any future people I may (or may not :_;) meet.

I am Xenolith, formerly known as pct-rabbit. The PCT stood for Public Choice Theory, which is a political framework that attempts to explain individuals as 'utility maximizers' who do damn near everything under the sun for their own interests. Even things like volunteer work could be explained as people trying to build and maintain their self-esteem, with some people having higher requirements than others. By no means is this the be all end all, and I like to think that human behavior is more complex at times, but it does provide a nice, clean lens to look at individuals through. So while interesting, it shouldn't be taken *too* seriously.

Xenolith is the latin word for stranger, which I chose because...um...I like the way it sounds? BUT JUST PRETEND THERE IS A DEEPER MEANING.

This journal will have a few things in it (eventually). It will have fanfiction or fiction work, or comments on the work of others. It will have occasional ramblings on current events, be they in the news or in my life. It will also have random stuff, like my love for voice actress Laura Bailey or how I fucking hate stripped shirts and popped collars.

So yeah. Hey?


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